Change your personal, therapy and application settings. If you wish, you can enter more specific details about you, your diabetes type, and your diabetes diagnosis date. Change password at the bottom if needed.


Enter your name, email address, gender and date of birth. If you need to change your email address in the future, here is where it happens. You can also change your password or log out. Last but not least, you can give your diabetes monster a name! Go ahead, be creative!


mySugr Logbook needs to know some details about your diabetes management in order to function properly. For example, your blood glucose units (mg/dl or mmol/l), how you measure your carbohydrates, and how your deliver your insulin (pump, pen/syringes, or no insulin). If you use an insulin pump, you can enter your basal rates, decide if you'd like them displayed on the graphs, and if you want them displayed in 30-minute increments. If you take any oral medications (pills), you can enter the names of them here so they are available to select when creating a new entry. If desired, you can also enter many other details (age, type of diabetes, target BG ranges, target weight, etc.). You can even enter details about your diabetes devices. If you can't find your specific device, just leave it blank for now – but please let us know so we can get it added to the list.