The two most commonly used features are the Magnifying Glass, used to search for entries (mySugr Pro), and the Plus Sign, used to make a new entry.


Below the graph you'll see statistics for the current day:

  • Average BG
  • BG Deviation
  • Hypos and Hypers
    Below those you can find fields with information about units of insulin, carbohydrates, and more. These fields are arranged according to their order on the new entry screen.

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    Under the graph you see tiles that contain:

    • blood glucose average (that day)
    • blood glucose deviation (that day)
    • number of hypers and hypos (that day)
    • Insulin ratio (that day)
    • bolus or mealtime insulin taken (that day)
    • amount of carbohydrates eaten (that day)
    • duration of activity (that day)
    • pills (that day)
    • weight (that day)
    • blood pressure (that day)