Use iBGStar for iOS


Connect iBGStar to the Logbook and synchronize readings. To synchronize with BGStar, use an USB data cable.


ATTENTION: settings for BG unit must be equal for your BG meter and in Logbook settings. Otherwise, no import is possible.
If settings differ they must be adjusted in Logbook. To perform synchronization, confirm your settings.


Import starts automatically whenever there is a connection between the devices.
If no new data is available for import, the app switches to “live measurement” automatically.
Once import has finished, save imported values in Logbook using the green checkmark.


During import, duplicates are recognized by the app.


Live measurement: connect iBGStar/BGStar to iPhone (BGStar via cable).
For iPhone 5 and above an adapter is needed.
Live measurement can be performed only if all data from iBGStar/BGStar is synchronized with Logbook.


Insert test strip, apply blood, and wait. The reading is imported to Logbook with the current time. Add more information in Logbook manually (see "Add an entry").

ATTENTION: values imported from iBGStar/BGStar cannot be modified or deleted!